TTG is all about WHERE TTG helps businesses answer this question more than any other

TTG is in the business of APPLIED GEOGRAPHY. Our products help businesses answer questions that begin with the word WHERE. Our customers appreciate the fact that we spend most of our day thinking about WHERE so that they can think about their business. Our products and services are targeted, and apply to specific kinds of WHERE questions. Read on for details...

TTG is a developer and provider of business mapping software for sales and marketing analysis, territory design and optimization. The company was an early pioneer in the design of Windows based mapping software targeted to businesses in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Its highly acclaimed first generation software products (Territory Planner and STARmanager) were instrumental in defining the product category and quickly became the mapping software of choice for corporate use. Today, with the combination of the AlignStar© product line for professional sales territory design and the Territory Mapper product line for smaller companies and simpler applications, TTG has continued to forge new ground in designing state of the art software to support field force deployment and realignment applications. In addition to software tools, the company offers a variety of services including geocoding, training, support, map production, demographic and business data and up-to-date US 5-Digit ZIP Code Map Data.

Our flagship alignment product, AlignStar is built from the ground up to handle the most complex and sophisticated alignment challenges. AlignStar is a revolutionary tool developed specifically to help sales managers quickly and easily maximize the effectiveness of their field sales force. AlignStar is driven by TTG’ s proprietary Intelligent Optimization Engine, which incorporates powerful algorithms that have been designed to rapidly create balanced and travel efficient territories. The Territory Optimization features offered by AlignStar make it the ideal tool for managers with direct field sales personnel, as well as for those overseeing distributors, resellers, service personnel or franchisees.

TTG combines the power of the desktop computer with the most recent innovations in cloud based applications, software design and optimization algorithms. All of these technologies come together in AlignStar© bringing you unprecedented control over your field territories by allowing you to perform spatial analysis, territory design, realignment and optimization with minimal training or experience. We empower you to make the right critical decisions to move your business ahead of the competition, minimize costs and improve the effectiveness of your sales force.

Right out of the box, AlignStar includes functionality which is simply not available in other mapping products. Most importantly, AlignStar solves business problems in a fraction of the time that generic mapping products require, and further, it is capable of solving problems that most GIS systems cannot solve at all.

Who Should Use AlignStar?

TTG’s AlignStar is the solution for sales and marketing managers who need to:

  • Create new territories or realign existing ones.
  • Merge or separate multiple overlapping sales channels.
  • Decrease sales representative “windshield” time. Increase market coverage.
  • Improve sales efficiency while maintaining head count.
  • Improve sales force morale through more equitable territory design.
  • Gain an edge over the competition. Improve the bottom line.

Territory Mapper

Our introductory alignment product, Territory Mapper is ideal for quick and easy visualization of territories. Easy to use right out of the box Territory Mapper has found a happy home at small independent businesses and fortune 100 companies alike. Mapping and aligning territories is a fluid process and the interface is intuitive and easy to master. Worldwide in scope, Territory Mapper lets you manage and realign the entire world!

Territory Mapper is a Windows based desktop software application designed to help you visualize and realign territories. Design your territories using standard geographic units including States, Counties or ZIP Codes or use your own locations such as Customers, Prospects, Distributors, Franchises or any other type of location. Territory Mapper is unique in that it was specifically designed to accomplish the arduous, time-consuming task of mapping, realigning and managing all of your territory definitions and up to 4 levels of hierarchy. The software is intuitive, easy to learn and will allow you to take back control of your field territories. When you are finished with your alignment task Territory Mapper will create terrific, professional looking maps in minutes. Send your maps to your printer, JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF or Power Point presentations.

There are endless possibilities for using Territory Mapper. Here are several of the more common applications that we see:

  • Sales Territories: Make maps to visualize your Sales Territories quickly and easily
  • Service Areas : Plot our your service areas on a map to make sure you have the entire area covered
  • Franchise Territories : Create and manage your franchise territories by putting them into folders labeled "Sold", "Proposed" and "Pending"
  • Plot Customers : Load you customer and prospect lists into Territory Mapper and create display rules to map them
  • Print ZIP Code Maps : Use the Up-To-Date ZIP Codes included with Territory Mapper to create custom ZIP Cope maps of any area
  • Create ZIP Code Lists : Define areas of interest using the "Lasso" tool and then export lists of ZIP Codes for each area

ZIP Code Map Data

At we specialize in building accurate, up-to-date US 5-Digit ZIP Code Map Data using the latest information feeds direct from the US Postal Service Use our ZIP Code boundary data to replace the outdated ZIP Code map layers that came bundled with your GIS software (ESRI, MapInfo, MapPoint, etc.) or bundle our ZIP Code maps with your own desktop software for distribution to your customers. You can even license our ZIP Code boundary data for use with a public facing web site or your own web-based mapping application such as a Google or Bing mashup.

Our up-to-date US 5-Digit ZIP Code boundaries are available in all the most common GIS formats including SHP, MapInfo, Google, Bing and others. Our licensing fees are without a doubt the most reasonable that you will find anywhere for current data. Plus, quarterly updates are FREE! We also have international map data for over 200 countries. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 1-888-732-5446 and ask for a sample of our 5-Digit ZIP Code map data.

Here are several of the more common applications that we see for our ZIP Code data:

  • Google Maps and Bing Mashups : ZIP Code maps to include in your own web mashup or interactive map application on the web
  • ESRI, MapInfo and other GIS Software : ZIP Code map layers to use with your existing Geographic Information System (GIS) such as ESRI's ArcView or MapInfo
  • OEM Product Bundles: ZIP Code maps to bundle into your GIS system or other software application for distribution
  • In-House Analysis : ZIP Code boundaries to use for internal data analysis
  • Real ZIP Code Boundaries: Use our REAL ZIP Code boundaries to replace the old ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) that the Census Bureau created for Census 2000
  • Updated Quarterly: All of our licenses include FREE Quarterly updates

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